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The new first impression - your website. 

Clear to Launch Dental Solutions website design is full-service. We know the designs, content types, and functionality that turn website traffic into new patients. Our designers are skilled and work with you to quickly develop a new website so your dental practice can start generating more new patients.


What does your website say about your dental practice? 

Professional? Credible? Outdated? Unreliable? 
First impressions are still everything and today that first impression is your website. The word-of-mouth about your dental practice, your referrals, and your marketing, all lead potential new patients to your website before they call or enter your doors. A great website is the key to more new patients. 

Why is a website important?

  • New patients visit your website before they considering your practice

  • New patients believe an unprofessional website = unprofessional practice

  • Most websites fail to convert website visits into paying patients

  • If your website is difficult to read and displays poorly on mobile, new patients will visit a competitor's website

  • Great dental practices should be represented by a great website

10 most common website mistakes

1. Poor mobile design (most web traffic is on mobile) 
2. Unprofessional website build and setup
3. Outdated layout, functionality & design 
4. Lacks key information patients are looking for 
5. Incorrect SEO setup & poor Google performance
6. Not designed with new patient conversion in mind
7. Lack of photos or pixelated, poor quality graphics
8. Does not convey value or differentiate you
9. Does not offer anything of value to patients
10. Absent or weak call to actions

What To Expect From Us

Dedicated AdWords Specialist

Access to 24/7 Ad Dashboard

Continual Campaign Optimization

Custom Lead Gen Landing Pages

Monthly Analytics Reporting

More clicks, calls & new patients

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Clear To Launch Dental Solutions operates  alongside your Dental Practice to increase client counts and provide integrated marketing & business solutions.

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